One Dollar for a Cause

One Dollar for a Cause is an initiative by the people behind Pixelion Art to support and join the campaign of restoring the earth to what it used to be — a clean, green, and safe home.

People who lived long before us was able to enjoy the beauty and abundance of the earth yet it came unappreciated. Our time — our generation — faces a critical crossroad that will determine our future. The earth is at the brink of destruction. The immense and life-threatening disasters, hurricanes and floods are proof of that. We need to ACT NOW!

A dollar is quite insignificant — but if we put our heads together with all the billions of people in the world… we can MAKE A CHANGE — true change that can impact the lives of the future generation! If you have a son, a daughter, or a grandchild, what kind of home do you want him/her to have?

One of the beneficiaries of One Dollar for a Cause is the Sonshine Philippines Movement (also known as the “Yellow Brigade”). SPM is one of the largest environmental organizations in Southeast Asia. It was established in 2005 and continues to propagate positive change in the Philippines and its neighboring countries.

For the past years, most of the projects and endeavors of SPM were focused on clean up drives, providing assistance to calamity victims (food and relief goods), restoration of the forests, and feeding malnourished children around the Philippines. Starting 2012, the Sonshine Philippines Movement will shift its programs to environmental protection in a more sustainable method to help counter the impact of global warming. These programs include Agri-forest Resource Development and Management, Marine Resource Development and Management, Solid Waste Management, and Eco-tourism Development.

For more information, you may visit the following links:

SPM Youtube Channel
SPM Website
SPM’s Official Facebook Page

Join our campaign in saving the environment and pave the way to a better future! We thank you for your support.

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You will receive a “Thank You” email from SPM within 7 days from the date you made your donation. Thank you so much for your support!